Letter to the Editor

It’s God’s place to judge, not humanity’s

Dear Editor:

I was upset on Wednesday to see whatever group it was on campus waving signs around that condemned everybody around them to hell and shouting likewise – especially the man carrying the cross.

The man who the cross represents, Jesus, was more wise and compassionate than those people. That same man also said he had come not to condemn humankind or shame us for our sins, but to exalt us and help us to see both the blessings and the blessed.

Worst of all, the “evangelist” actions of that group were so hurtful in the assumptions surrounding everyone else’s character.

These people need to stop their judgments and assumptions, pull their heads out of their butts, and realize that God has a place for everyone.

It is God’s place to judge and condemn, not humanity’s. Everyone is a child of God. It’s not a competition for who’s better or right. It’s about who we are day to day and especially who we are towards one another – walking the walk, not just talking the talk (especially when it’s the wrong kind of talk).

As Jesus said, that which you have done to the least of us, you have done to me.

Karl Hopkins-Lutz

Senior German major