President Lefton changes titles of two top university officials

Kate Bigam

President Lester Lefton has changed the titles of two chief university administration positions to better reflect the responsibilities of their jobs.

“In an institution as large and complex as Kent State, people to manage academics and finances are two very key roles in this institution,” Lefton said of the reasoning behind the title changes.

Last month, Lefton renamed Provost Paul Gaston’s position to Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Lefton said the title change was made “to be consistent with national nomenclature and to reflect the importance of the job,” because the provost is at the center of Kent State academia.

Effective Friday, David Creamer, formerly the Vice President for Administration, took on the title of Senior Vice President for Administration.

“Dr. Creamer has been integrally involved in the finances of this institution,” Lefton said. “He has been a central player in maintaining the financial integrity of the institution.”

He said he emphasizes that the title changes do not reflect any new responsibilities or changes in administrative reporting structures, but instead represent “important symbolism.”

Lefton said he does not plan to change any other officials’ titles.

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