Students may face barriers in registration for election

Ben Breier

If you think you’re eligible to vote simply because you’ve filled out a voter registration form in Portage County, think again.

Lois Enlow, director of the Portage County Board of Elections, discussed pitfalls that would prevent students from voting in November – including living in the dorms.

Enlow said students need to re-register to vote every time they move into a different dorm.

“Registration cards were sent to all registered voters in Portage County on Sept. 8,” Enlow said. “If they (students) believe they are registered to vote, and they did not receive a card, they should contact our office.”

Students can pick up voter registration forms on campus at the Kent State University Library and at the offices of the College Democrats and Republicans. The registration deadline is Oct. 10.

Enlow also said out-of-state students should check with their home state before registering to vote in Ohio. By registering to vote and declaring yourself a citizen of Ohio, out-of-state students could be putting their financial aid at risk.

“You are no longer a resident of the state where Mom and Dad are paying your bills,” Enlow said.

When students show up to the polls on election day, they’ll only need to bring a driver’s license with them – but utility bills, bank statements or a government-issued check will also suffice.

Amy Groya, Undergraduate Student Senator for governmental affairs, stressed the importance of youth voting.

“College students have the potential to completely change the results of an election,” she said. “A lot of legislation that gets passed has to do with college students.”

To register online, visit

Contact public affairs reporter Ben Breier at [email protected]. Student politics reporter Kali Price contributed to this story.

To register to vote via this form, click to download, fill it out and mail it to:

The Board of Elections

Administration Building – Room 101

449 S. Meridian Street

Ravenna Ohio 44266-2914

You can also pick up voter registration forms at the Daily Kent Stater newsroom, located in room 100 Taylor Hall.


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