Fashion school institutes new appointment system

Allison Tomei

Since the beginning of the semester, students in the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising have been able to schedule meetings with advisers and other faculty through the Internet.

The system, developed by the College of Education, provides students with an easy and convenient way to schedule appointments.

“They can do it from anywhere. In the middle of the night, if they want to speak with an adviser, they can make an appointment,” said William Hauck, assistant professor of fashion.

It’s as simple as logging on to the school’s main Web site, then clicking the flashing icon that reads: “Make an appointment.” The student then has to provide the name of whomever he or she wishes to meet with, find an available time and enter the reason for requesting a visit.

Hauck said the system is not only convenient for the students, but for him as well.

“I can see what the agenda is for the student by what they entered, and I can be prepared in advance,” he said.

Not only can students schedule appointments, but they can also change and cancel meetings via the online system, Hauck said.

Another way the school has eased students’ ability to talk to an adviser is by hiring a full-time academic adviser to its staff.

Lisa Vargas, a former Kent State Stark campus and PASS program adviser, was hired specifically as an adviser for fashion students.

“I have walk-in hours in the morning and appointments in the afternoons,” she said.

So far, both Hauck and Vargas say they have not heard any complaints from students or faculty.

“There haven’t been any disadvantages to it yet,” Vargas said.

Hilary Halverstadt, sophomore fashion merchandising major, said although she has not used the new program, she thinks it will be convenient for her.

“Last year, I had to walk all the way over (to Rockwell Hall) from the dorms to make an appointment with my adviser, so if you can do it online, it will be a lot easier,” she said.

Some faculty are encouraging students to schedule any meeting with them online, even for office hours appointments or for a question about the material, Halverstadt said.

“I guess it’s a good thing. I don’t want to go to office hours and wait while five other people ask questions,” she said.

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