Robbery suspect in FBI custody

Seth Roy

Akron resident awaits charges

Police have captured an Akron man suspected of robbing the Chase Bank on South Water Street last month and 11 other banks in surrounding counties

Tracy A. Greer, 44, was arrested Friday afternoon in Broadview Heights shortly after allegedly robbing the Charter One Bank at 9243 Broadview Road. FBI officials are holding Greer while awaiting his pending charges.

According to the police report, Greer jumped a fence when he saw police on his trail. An officer chased him through a parking lot and a yard before Greer disappeared into the woods.

K-9 units and additional officers found Greer “laying in the mud and underneath a large bush,” the report said.

Stein said the FBI has linked Greer to these robberies in some way.

“We’ve been instructed to follow up with these charges,” he said.

Wilson said “each of the robberies was similar in how they were executed.” In each incident, the suspect covered up his entire body and face and carried a handgun.

When Greer was found, he had $7,830 and a handgun in his possession, the Broadview Heights police report said.

“It’s good that he’s off the streets now,” Stein said. “He’s certainly been causing fear with banks in the area.”

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