A peek at what else is on

Bob Taylor & Andrew Gaug


Credit: Jason Hall

“Grey’s Anatomy”

After becoming a ratings juggernaut, “Grey’s Anatomy” returns for its third season.

All of the main cast from the second season remains intact for the beginning of the third season, and Sara Ramirez (who plays George’s love interest Callie) has been promoted to a series regular. In addition, Kate Walsh, who plays Addison, promised TV Guide that there would be some level of closure to the Meredith/Addison/Derek triangle at long last.

Among the major events of the second season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” was Denny’s death, which caused Izzie to quit. Meredith had sex with Derek (or McDreamy, as he’s become known as) again, and the final seconds of the season had her forced to make a decision between Derek and Chris O’Donnell’s loving veterinarian. Who would she choose?

With all those cliffhangers, did they leave fans of the show hungry enough to keep watching? ABC certainly hopes so.

“30 Rock” / “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip”

Two NBC shows explore fictional behind-the-scenes looks at fictional comedy shows. “30 Rock” – penned by former “Saturday Night Live” writer Tina Fey – follows Fey as well as other “SNL” guests Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin as she takes over a successful program known as “The Girlie Show” after her boss dies and she is given a new one. The main focus will be on Fey’s character not losing her mind as she deals with her neurotic cast. “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” brings the writing talents of “Sports Night” and “West Wing” writer Alan Sorkin and well-known TV stars such as Matthew Perry, D.L. Hughley, Steven Weber and Amanda Peet as new executive producers attempt to bring back a once-popular live comedy series that’s coming close to cancellation.


Entering its seventh season, “CSI” tries to keep things fresh with guest musical appearances by singer/songwriter John Mayer and rapper Kevin Federline. According to TV.com, early episodes this season will find Grissom and Willows focusing their investigations on Cirque Du Soleil as well as an episode where five people are brutally murdered, teaming together agents Brass and Catherine, Warrick and Sofia, Nick and Greg, and Grissom and Sara as they attempt to figure out the connection and solve the case.