Dance away with Scissor Sisters

Madelyn Otcasek


Credit: Jason Hall

Scissor Sisters is not a household name in the United States, but across the pond in the United Kingdom, they are at the top of the charts.

Ta-Dah!, released Tuesday, has the same promise here in the States.

The album opens with the single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” which transports the listener to an era of polyester suits, glittery dresses and platform shoes. This is fitting as this is one of the two songs co-written by Elton John. The guitar in the beginning of the song sounds purely ABBA, then segues into piano rock.

Another track John co-wrote is “Intermission,” a jazzy ragtime interlude close to the style of Cole Porter.

“She’s My Man” is an homage to the gothic image of New Orleans and the “Lola” of our generation, with the lyrics “She’s my man / And we got all the balls we need.”

The lead singer Jake Shears sometimes has a falsetto reminiscent of Barry Gibb, as in the song “Lights,” and in the most danceable track, “Paul McCartney,” which is a tribute song to the genius of the former Beatle.

Their self-titled album had the same type of dance-music feel but was less flamboyant. Ta-Dah! feels more like a tribute album, while the first was more original. “Kiss You Off” would sound like Blondie if it dedicated itself to more music like “Heart of Glass.”

At first listen, this whole album seems to be a great dance party compilation, but on repeat listens, none of the songs stands out other than “Paul McCartney” and “Might Tell You Tonight,” one of the few love ballads.

Overall, it is a flashy album to put on before you go out for the night. But don’t listen to it too much, or it might lose all kitschy value.

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