Alternative sexual practices abound among college students

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Were you aware there is a difference between sadism and masochism?

Laurie Wagner, a part-time instructor with the Adult,

Counseling, Health and Vocational Education program at Kent State, explains it all.

“People usually group sadism and masochism together with sadomasochism, but they’re two different things,” Wagner said.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a sadist is someone who, for more than six months,

experiences sexual urges that involve physical or psychological abuse. A dominatrix, a woman who takes a dominant role during sexual activity, is an example of sexual sadism, as are activities like flogging or the use of candle wax.

“Masochists are the ones who enjoy receiving acts of physical/psychological pain (cutting, spanking or piercing). In fact, some psychologists would argue that the modern popularity of piercing is a form of masochism.”

Wagner stressed the difference between sadism, masochism, domination and submission.

“Individuals who practice dominance and submission usually have a ‘safe-word’ if they want their partner to stop inflicting pain; therefore, it is labeled consensual,” Wagner said. “Individuals who practice masochism desire to give total control of themselves to someone else and feel sincere pain. This is nonconsensual, or ‘real acts.'”

Wagner said people of all sexual orientations, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups participate in these activities.

More fun facts:

College students can be kinky, too. A study published in the 1997 book Sex on Campus: The Details Guide to the Real Sex Lives of College Students found that 24 percent of female and 30 percent of male

college students had spanked someone else before. Twenty-six percent of female and 27 percent of male students had practiced a form of bondage. Also, 9 percent of females and 10 percent of males had given a “golden shower.”

– Ally Melling