Now’s the time to act and vote

If you didn’t receive a card from the Board of Elections in the past week, there’s a good chance you just lost your right to vote.

Boards across the state send reminders before elections to everyone registered to vote. The next election is Nov. 7, so if you previously sent your registration in and you didn’t get a card recently, you’ve got a problem.

The most common issue is that you moved since the last election. As college students, most of us move at least once a year. And even if you just moved from one room to another in the dorm, unless you update your address with the Board of Elections, you could be denied your right to vote.

Of course, maybe you’re not even registered to vote. We won’t lecture on the responsibility of citizens to participate in the democratic process.

But by not voting, you’re missing out on helping to decide some very important issues this election year. One issue would ban smoking in public places across the state. Another would raise the minimum wage. Yet another will bring gambling to Ohio to provide college scholarships for every student in the state.

At least one of those issues directly affects every student at Kent State.

Then there are the races for governor and senator. This editorial board has noted numerous times the state’s trend of decreasing funds for higher education. If you’re worried about the rising cost of a Kent State education and your personal debt upon graduation, then choosing the people who will be representing you in the state capital more important than we can express.

These races are critical.

So get yourself registered. And then vote.

How do you go about doing that?

If you’re not yet registered, the easiest way to do it is to march down to the Kent State University Library. The staff there has all of the forms you need. You can also visit to download the form, which you then send in. The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 10.

If you already were registered but didn’t get your card, you need to update you address with the board. That’s easy — just call the board at (330) 297-3511.

Finally, there’s a way for you to ensure your vote gets counted, especially if you think you won’t have time to get to your polling location on election day — absentee ballots.

In Ohio, anyone is allowed to vote by absentee ballot – you just need to get your request in to the Board of Elections. Download that application at It must be received by the board no later than noon on Nov. 4, but it’s wise to send it in even earlier.

So let’s recap:

1. Get registered to vote. Visit the library no later than Oct. 10 for the application.

2. Update your address if you’ve moved since you registered. Call (330) 297-3511 ASAP.

3. Request an absentee ballot by noon Nov. 4 if that’s an easier way to vote. Visit for the application.

4. Vote on Nov. 7! (Or before, if you’ve got that absentee ballot.)

There’s no better time to make your voice heard.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.