Committee works to improve campus life

Caroline Lautenbacher

For many students, reaching out and being heard are important things. The Student Quality Advisory Committee can help them out.

The committee is composed of undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of enhancing communication and the quality of life on campus.

“We want students to understand they need to have a voice in the university,” program coordinator LuWanda Higgins said. “We are here to accommodate to everyone.”

The committee wants to promote opportunities to build on the strengths within the university community.

“We focus on the quality of service,” chair Dennis Boyd said. “We would like to improve the quality of the experience at Kent.”

Not only does the committee focus on what is going on at the Kent campus, but it also reaches out to the regional campuses across the university system.

One way the committee reaches out is through its listening posts. The committee travels to all of the campuses with forms for students to fill out to voice their concerns or questions.

“The intake form is an opportunity informally to talk to us,” Higgins said. “The listening post was created in the early 1990s by the chair. We bring that information back to the committee and direct it to whomever on campus it deals with.”

To the committee, the student is the most important person on campus, and the listening post is its way of connecting to the student body.

“It is a good idea,” junior nursing major Tracey Polanski said. “It needs to be publicized more, but I do feel a lot of people would utilize it.”

Polanski said she had never heard of the listening post.

The committee’s mission statement, adapted from L.L. Bean, states, “Without students, there would be no need for the institution,” showing the commitment the committee makes to helping students.

Josh Tice, sophomore marketing major, joined the committee three semesters ago.

“This is something I am interested in. I like to see what’s happening,” Tice said. “It’s a great way to voice your opinion and get results.”

Tice first came to the committee meetings to address his concern about using social security numbers as IDs, but now finds himself interested in taking a role in the promotion of the committee so students know more about it.

“Anyone is welcome,” Higgins said. “It’s a great opportunity for student leaders, presidents of organizations and representatives to attend. Or students are welcome to come individually.”

Student Quality Advisory Committee meetings are held from 8 to 9 a.m. every other Thursday on the third floor of the Student Center. The next meeting is Sept. 28.

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