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Katie Roupe

Honors College welcomes with barbecue, games

Honors College Dean Larry Andrews tries to help his team score during a volleyball game as freshman integrated sciences major Susan Bing looks on. Volleyball was just one of the games students could play during the honors barbecue. KATIE ROUPE | DAILY KEN

Credit: Steve Schirra

Free food, music and games transformed the back yard of the Honors College into a barbecue party yesterday. Students also had the opportunity to hang out and meet President Lester Lefton.

“We figured the returning students would have the opportunity to see the new building,” said Kim Brown, honors coordinator of student life and alumni relations. “It’s just a fun time to see the new building and meet the president.”

The Honors Community Council sponsored “BBQ with the Prez.” Honors Community Council President Danielle Sherritt said she was pleased at the turnout of students.

“Last year, a couple of events didn’t go so well,” Sherritt said. “Because they were in the Honor’s Plaza and so far away, no one wanted to go. I was nervous about the barbecue, but we got around 200 RSVPs.”

About 100 students signed in and attended. Sherritt said the council plans on hosting more events throughout the year, but plans haven’t been finalized.

One of the highlights of the event, Sherritt said, was watching Lefton and Dean Larry Andrews play volleyball with students.

“It was impressive that he attempted to play volleyball in a suit, jacket and tie,” senior English major Sarah Koby said of Lefton. Koby also agreed with many other students saying the food and the nice weather made the event fun.


“It’s just a great time to hang out and not worry about school,” Koby said.

Senior art history major Kristin Patterson said one of the reasons she came was to meet the new president.

“I keep reading how he does stained glass windows, and I love it,” Patterson said.

Free food was another big draw to the event. Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, chips and soda were available.

“You can’t beat free food,” Patterson said.

In addition to the food, students could participate in a variety of games including volleyball, basketball, badminton and croquet. Becky Gares, honors coordinator of advising and public relations, said the event was a great way for the Honors College to greet new students and create a new student community.

“We wanted to welcome all students, not just freshmen, to the new facility,” Gares said. “We also wanted to let them know that the library and lounge are open to everyone and available to just hang out.”

Sophomore integrated language arts major Beth Bloom said she thought the event was a success.

“More people were here than I expected,” Bloom said. “I came because I wanted to see old friends from Colloquium and get together. It was a lot of fun.”

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