TV Time with Bob reviews the latest shows to hit DVD

Robert Taylor

“TV Time With Bob” returns for another semester of TV criticism and crackling commentary! While we wait for the fall season to begin, it’s time to weigh in on which DVD boxed sets of your favorite shows from last season are worth buying.

“Desperate Housewives: Season 2”

• Price (According to $36.99

• Grade: D+

A crackerjack season finale couldn’t save this show from failing by replacing everything that made it special in its first season with lame jokes and thinly veiled racism. All four leads were taken to the extremes of their personalities until they were more caricatures than characters. This season’s mystery was even more see-through than the first. A definite letdown.

“Gilmore Girls: Season 6”

• Price: $38.87

• Grade: A-

Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s swan-song season was the weakest in the series’ history, yet the show still outshined almost every other program on television. Leads Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel played every note of their long – and I mean long – battle and subsequent reconciliation perfect. But supporting players like Keiko Agena and Liza Weil were the real showstoppers this season by getting more of a chance to shine than ever. You may want to fast-forward through the girls’ relationship issues due to the show veering far too close to soap opera territory whenever Logan or Luke got dramatic.

“Grey’s Anatomy: Season 2”

• Price: $38.87

• Grade: B+

The jaw-dropping two-parter that began after the Super Bowl ended is the crowning achievement to this excellent dramedy that managed to avoid a sophomore slump – almost. While the show brilliantly succeeded in showcasing the day-to-day trials and tribulations of these Seattle surgical interns, by the season’s midpoint the love triangle between Meredith, Addison and McDreamy became too darned strained to be believable. Luckily, Izzie’s touching relationship with a dying patient saved the final episodes from getting too drawn-out.

“One Tree Hill: Season 3”

• Price: $41.80

• Grade: B

The writers and producers behind “One Tree Hill” must have realized that their stories were so lackluster and clich‚, and their characters so unbelievable, that they stopped writing this show as a drama and more like high comedy. If you watch the show wanting to laugh instead of cry, chances are you’ll get more pleasure out of this boxed set than any other comedy.

“Veronica Mars: Season 2”

• Price: $37.87

• Grade: A-

While this season’s arc mystery got too complicated for even longtime viewers to comprehend, the standalone stories and characterization grew by leaps and bounds in “Veronica’s” second season. It all lead up to a finale so explosive, viewers were blown out of their seats multiple times. While it doesn’t quite eclipse the first season in terms of ingenuity and creativity, “Veronica Mars” remains the best show on network television and the main reason to try something new at your local video store.

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