Rate it! Last Call: The Best of Kent Bars (Part II)

The bar crawl ends with these final six. This survey concerned itself only with the downtown bars (the bar crawl bars, as I call them), but there are plenty of other options slightly outside of the downtown area.

Be sure to note the approaching openings of two new bars: the Robin Hood, on East Main Street, and BarCode, on South Depeyster Street. Both will offer full service bars, dancing and live music.

Keep in mind, these ratings reflect one reporter’s opinion. Individual tastes may vary. Some prefer Mugs over the Zephyr, or the Loft over the Pub in Kent. Find your own flavor and drink until you can’t taste it anymore. And, as always, drive safely.


147 Franklin Ave.

(330) 677-1119

Pros: Pool tables, relaxed, atmosphere

Cons: Interior has a bland, suburban feel, lacks personality

Service: Quick, friendly

Live music: No

Two floors: No

Outside: No

Specials: Yes, domestic beers, mixers, shots

Food: No

Stater Rating (out of five): * * *


252 N. Water St.

(330) 676-1950

Pros: Free live music most nights, great decor, artsy, good lighting

Cons: Not much seating, poor tap selection, pricey

Service: Quick, small bar

Live music: Yes, mostly local artists

Two floors: No

Outside: No

Specials: No

Food: No

Stater Rating (out of five):* * *

Club Khameleon

626 N. Water St.

(330) 673-6606

Pros: Live music most nights, $1 pitchers from 5 to 6 p.m., plenty of seating, good beer selection

Cons: Usually a cover charge, loud music, out of the way

Service: Quick, friendly bartenders

Live music: Yes. Bands, DJs, karaoke

Two Floors: No

Outside: Yes, rear patio

Specials: Yes, on domestic beer, and $1 pitchers

Food: Yes, Mugzee’s Wings provides full menu of bar food

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * *

Zephyr Pub

106 W. Main St.

(330) 678-4848

Pros: Great atmosphere, selection, juke box, seating, artsy, wall-to-wall hipsters

Cons: First floor gets packed, hard to move around, smoky, wall-to-wall hipsters

Service: Good

Live music: Yes, local artists

Two floors: Yes, upstairs bar (currently under renovation)

Outside: Yes, best patio in Kent, and porch upstairs

Specials: Yes, monthly domestic beers,

mixers, shots

Food: No, despite formerly being a

vegetarian restaurant

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * * *

The Pub in Kent

142 W. Day St.

(330) 678-8456

Pros: Quiet, small, room to breathe, cool decor, neighborhood bar-type atmosphere

Cons: Weak tap selection, out of the way, not college student oriented

Service: Fast, small bar

Live music: Occasionally

Two floors: No

Outside: Yes, side patio

Specials: No

Food: Limited menu

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * *

Europe Gyro

107 S. Depeyster St.

(330) 678-GYRO

Pros: Good menu, open late, live music, pool tables, nice mix of students and townspeople

Cons: Dingy, poor lighting

Service: Fair

Live music: Yes, open mic on Mondays, local bands occasionally

Two floors: No

Outside: No

Specials: Cheap domestic on-taps

Food: Yes, full menu of drunk food

Stater Rating (out of five): * * (1/2)

Ray’s Place

135 Franklin Ave.

(330) 673-2233

Pros: Immense tap selection, plenty of seating, great restaurant, decor, atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, gets crowded and loud

Service: Fair

Live music: No

Two floors: Yes, upstairs full-service bar

Outside: No

Specials: Yes, beer, mixers, shots

Food: Full service restaurant until 10 p.m.

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * (1/2)