Campus Library: More than books

Amanda Stanley

KSU Library offers services that can make life easier

The Kent State Library can seem intimidating. Twelve floors of books is enough to scare even the most disciplined student away.

But the library has so much more than just books. Students can take advantages of a wide-range of services, many free or at very little cost.

One of the greatest features at the library in helping with academic success is the Personalized Research Consultant. Whether you’re taking a freshman-level English course or writing your master’s thesis, these librarians can help you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

According the main library’s Web site, in either a 30-minute or one-hour session, a PERC can help you locate research materials that would be valuable to your assignment. They can help you evaluate which materials are useful. Meeting with a PERC is a great way to start research, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Appointments can be made at the reference desk, located on the first floor, and the library asks that you schedule appointments at least two days in advance.

Another service offered at the library is the Student Media Service. Located on the first floor of the main library, SMS offers students and faculty help with multimedia equipment, software and the support needed to create multimedia presentations for a class. SMS allows students to use scanners, CD burners, Adobe Photoshop to edit images, edit video and create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can even borrow a video camera. The library recommends that you get in to SMS early if you are working on a project.

Students also have access to copy and design services, located on the third floor. Here, for a small fee, you can do all of your printing and copying. Color-printing, odd-sized printing, special orders and more can be done here. Why should a student go to Kinko’s when they have a great printing service available on campus?

Don’t be afraid of the library any longer. It is just another useful tool for students — whether or not you choose to utilize it is up to you.

For more information contact the library at (330) 672-2425.

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