Joel Dalzell


Senator of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design candidate for USG. 

Senator of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design Candidate 

Q: What is your platform?

A: “My whole goal behind the platform or my whole goal in doing this is I’ve gotten to know a lot of people through the College of Architecture because I’ve been a part of the First-Year Experience Course through being an SSL. I’ve met a lot of people and realized that I have a good understanding of what goes on within the college and can relate to any issues they may be having. I know recently that somebody would have an issue this past semester and I felt like I didn’t have the position to go and talk with the administration on their behalf but in this case if I really feel like there’s an issue I can go and talk on their behalf without any apprehension. I want to understand and listen to what is brought to my attention and understand what is going on and responsibly address what is going on. Work with the administration and the students to be resourceful and create a successful culture because I think within the design of construction professions, you have to work together. So, making sure that there is a successful culture to work together is something that I find really important in preparing a sort of future where we are engaging with students, making sure that after they leave the college that they’re going to be successful.”

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: “I guess I’ve been known as a nice guy. Everyone I met, I think, enjoys to be friends with me. I think I try to look out for people and try to include everyone. I feel like I have everyone’s best interests and I think I have a greater view of what’s going on that could really help put our college in the best possible position for the students.”

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “I don’t have a strict order of changes I want to make or I want to see but I really want to just understand my position as best as possible and really realize what I can do in my role to best improve any issues with the culture and any issues within the school that’s affecting how our culture is. So whether that be between students or students and faculty and really understanding the issues and figuring out a solution moving forward with students and faculty.”