Ryan Place drowning investigation closed; no foul play, police say

Sasha Parker

Portage county officials are waiting for answers after the drowning death of 21-year-old Michael Maistros at Ryan Place apartments Friday, July 21.

Maistros was visiting a friend at the apartment complex and was later found in his bathing suit in the complex pool.

Thomas Decker, chief investigator for the Portage County Coroner, speculates that Maistros was dead for almost 20 minutes before being pulled from the pool.

“All the information obtained from the initial autopsy indicated a drowning,” Decker said. “We’re still waiting for the results of the toxicology screening to determine if there were any abnormal substances present in his system.”

The results of the toxicology screening — various tests to evaluate and roughly measure the amount of legal and illegal drugs a person has taken — may take about four weeks for an initial response and 12 weeks before the total report is available, he said.

“The results are crucial to this case because they could provide insight as to how and why the drowning occurred,” Decker said. “If nothing more, the results could provide peace of mind for his friends and family.”

Police have closed the investigation, stating there was no foul play in Maistros’ death.

Friends and family of the victim declined to comment.

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