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Amanda Stanley

Grand opening this fall for new honors dorms

Honors students can study and reasearch in Johnson Hall’s individual library. ALLIEY BENDER | SUMMER KENT STATER

Credit: Steve Schirra

    Many changes are taking place on campus this summer: the demolition of Terrace Hall, the renovation of Franklin Hall and general building maintenance and clean-up. But perhaps one of the most anticipated changes took place right in the center of campus.

The Honors College officially moved to the new Stopher and Johnson halls. Administrative offices officially made the move back in May, but this fall will be the first opportunity for the new residence halls to be lived in.

Johnson Hall will be the residence hall dedicated to serving 234 students in the Honors College. Honors College admissions coordinator Carolyn Sampson said 100 percent of the Johnson Hall occupants will be honors students – something that never occurred when the honors dorms were located in Heer and Harbourt halls.

Stopher Hall will house first-year students participating in Kent’s Quest program, designed to connect new freshmen to all of Kent State’s campus resources and opportunities.

Students living in both residence halls will have the advantage of taking classes in the same buildings. Residence Services Director Elizabeth Joseph said students will be able to take classes in the new residence halls.

“We have two new classrooms on the first floor of Stopher that will be used for orientation classes,” Joseph said. “Quest students will also be taking an English section together.”

The new $34-million residence halls are composed of all double rooms, complete with private bathrooms and air conditioning. The three-floor complex also features wireless Internet, an amenity that not all residence halls have yet.

Administrators are excited to welcome the largest honors class to date.

“From my vantage point, I’ve been pleased with the construction process of the past two years,” Joseph said. “We will be ready for the students’ arrival to campus late this month.”

The college will hold a dedication ceremony for the new buildings during Kent State’s Homecoming weekend Oct. 14.

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