No shortage of clubs even if you’re not 21

Ben Breier

Glory Days. The Zephyr. Ray’s Place. These are some of the fantastic bars that the Kent area has to offer as long as you’re over 21. Sorry, freshmen — you’re probably not getting into any of these bars, outside of using fake identification or becoming best friends with all of the bouncers at these local bars.

Freshmen shouldn’t fret. There are several clubs in the area that cater specifically to the 18 and over crowd. And drastic changes are being made to improve Kent State’s nightlife.

Screwy Louie’s, which offered more floorspace than any other underage club in Kent, has undergone a change in ownership and a change in atmosphere. The new club will be called BarCode, and plans to open its doors Friday — just in time to catch the attention of incoming freshmen.

According to the club’s Facebook page, it will offer live DJs, a VIP area, a hookah lounge and live performances. Syrus, from MTV’s “Real World: Boston” will be on-hand the weekend of the club’s grand opening. DJ Paul Oakenfold is slated to DJ at BarCode on Oct. 7.

For more information or to apply for a job at BarCode, visit

Three other underage clubs are located on a strip on Water Street. Fat Jimmy’s is much smaller than a place like BarCode — actually, it’s just a club in a basement.

Fat Jimmy’s features a cage for people to dance in, but if you’re a guy, keep out. Only girls are allowed to dance in the cage, and guys who attempt to enter will be promptly yanked out by one of the many burly men that comprise Fat Jimmy’s security staff.

“If you want to see tanorexic freshmen dance around, you can go to Fat Jimmy’s. Just make sure you have about five beers beforehand,” said Chrissy Salvo, junior interpersonal communications major.

Located next-door to Fat Jimmy’s is Brewhouse Pub. Despite Brewhouse being under the same ownership as Fat Jimmy’s, it has a different feel compared to the other underage clubs in Kent.

In addition to the music and dancing offered by BarCode and Fat Jimmy’s, Brewhouse also offers some of the best food in the Kent area. The fact that it is multi-faceted makes it one of Kent’s highlighted underage clubs.

“It’s a bar with a dance floor, so everybody is happy,” said Jessica Giacomino, senior family and consumer studies major. “It also has some good food for the late-night drunken munchies.”

For those who want something completely different, students can look toward the Electric Caf‚ Company.

The E.C.C. redefines clubbing diversity, featuring live music, a bar (for both coffee and alcohol) and a much more casual atmosphere. David Green, sophomore business management major, said the E.C.C. has something to offer everyone.

Green is a frequent visitor to the E.C.C. and has performed there on occasion. Musical entertainment includes hip-hop, independent rock and even spoken word.

“It’s a very relaxed environment for both spectators and performers, and it doesn’t make your wallet go dry,” said Green, who hesitates to call the E.C.C. a club. “It’s also a place where you can network with various people or just absorb the entertainment.”

One thing is for sure: Kent’s underage bars feature something everybody can enjoy. From the bass-blasting dance parties featured at Fat Jimmy’s to the highly variable E.C.C., freshmen can find an enjoyable place to hang out on the weekends.

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• BarCode

200 S. Depeyster St.

• Electric Cafe Co.

252 N. Water St.

(330) 676-1950

• Europe Gyro

107 S. Depeyster St.

(330) 678-GYRO

• Fat Jimmy’s

244 N. Water St.

(330) 678-2774

• Brewhouse Pub

244 N. Water St.

(330) 678-2774

• Robin Hood

503 E. Main St.


• 69 Taps (Thursdays only)

370 Orleans Ave.

(330) 253-4554

• Mango’s

271 S. Main St.

(330) 374-3331

• Posh Bistro & Nite Club

1 W. Exchange St.

(330) 253-7777

• Whiskey Ranch

328 S. Main St.

(330) 376-6673


• Dusty Armadillo

3147 state Route 44

(330) 325-0647