I.T. phases out six positions

Abbey Stirgwolt

The Division of Information Services has eliminated six positions to “reorganize its resources,” said Scott Rainone, assistant director of university media relations.

Rainone said the change was made in order to keep up with the university’s shifting technological needs as it begins to implement the new student identification system and improve other programs.

“It was just a restructuring of resources, not budget-related,” Rainone said.

The Division of Information Services handles the university’s technological resources and networks on campus, overseeing issues such as the university’s current changing of the student identification system.

Information Services is also in charge of network security, ensuring protection of Kent State’s computer network from viruses and other potential system damage.

Rainone said the university is in the process of shifting its Information Services system to turn its attention to a few specific areas, while eliminating areas that “might not need as much (attention).”

New areas of focus include improving overall computer security, upgrading administrative systems, working on a program to get rid of social security numbers, distance education and user education and training — anything from support when using FlashLine to training people to protect computers against viruses, he said, adding that new people will be hired to work these areas.

For now, Rainone said the university has “people in place” to handle necessary tasks of the six vacancies. As for the long term, effects of the position changes haven’t been determined.

“They’re trying to put resources where they’re needed now,” Rainone said. “I don’t know about future plans.”

Greg Seibert, former director of Security and Compliance, was one of the six eliminated positions. He was unable to comment at the time of this story due to a family emergency.

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