Rathskeller offers food, fun

Ben Breier

The Rathskeller, located in the basement of the Student Center, hosts many programs, such as the Battle of the Bands and drag shows, every year. STEPHANIE SMITH | SPECIAL TO THE SUMMER KENT STATER

Credit: Steve Schirra

When people think of a basement, images are oftentimes conjured of mildew, old plastic toys from 10 years ago and bugs scurrying around all over the place. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the basement located beneath the Student Center — it’s one of the most interesting places on campus.

The basement is split into two separate sections — the first being an Internet caf‚ and coffee-house. Jazzman’s is located in the basement to serve those looking for caffeine to get them through a cram session, or to satisfy those who want to stop in and grab an iced mocha between classes.

Brianna Keihle, junior music education major, enjoys a lot of things about Jazzman’s.

“It has a very calm, laid-back atmosphere that I to get a bite to eat can swing into the Rathskeller to enjoy some Pete’s Arena pizza. While the restaurants in the Hub up above will not allow you to use your meal plan from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Pete’s Arena will accept your meal plan anytime.

While dining on pizza, students will enjoy several televisions, arcade games, pool tables and NTN trivia. There’s also a place for students to smoke in the Rathskeller, in addition to a bar (you must be 21 to drink, of course, unless you have expertly crafted false identification) for those students seeking to drown their Calculus woes among barley and hops.

“Pete’s is just a good place to talk and chill,” said White, an avid fan of the Rathskeller.

Whether studying, eating or unwinding after a long day of classes, the Student Center Lower Level has plenty to offer.

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