Rate it! The First Round: Rating the Kent Bars (Part I)

Ryan deBiase

Trying to remember those places we often forget

For the over 21 crowd, they are places frequented but not remembered. They are places that consume our time, money and clarity of thought. Each night is memorable for its lack of memories.

The business of bars in Kent is a serious one. Downtown Kent is teeming with them. Each night, the streets swarm with rowdy college kids looking to get their drink on. But what sets one place apart from the others? After a night of drinking, one might not be able to remember. As such, here is a run-down of what makes each bar special, and it’s not just the drinks. Well, at least it’s not all drinks.

Brewhouse Pub

244 N. Water St.

(330) 678-2774

Pros: Spacious, ample seating, good layout

Cons: Loud music, weak tap selection

Service: Decent

Live music: DJs on weekends for the dance party

Two floors: No

Outside: No

Specials: Beer

Food: Yes, full menu

Stater Rating (out of five): * *

Buffalo Wild Wings

227 Franklin Ave.

(330) 678-WING (9464)

Pros: Complete food and beverage service, good tap selection, many TVs, sports-oriented, patio, large beer size (22 oz.)

Cons: Small inside, not a lot of seating in the bar area

Service: Relatively fast, although bartenders tend to have a bothered attitude

Live music: No

Two floors: No

Outside: Yes, large patio

Specials: Yes, happy hour, 22 oz. drinks

Food: Full restaurant services, known for its many different flavors of wings

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * 1/2

The Loft

112 W. Main St.

(330) 673-2374

Pros: Free peanuts, plenty of seating, nice private corner area in the front

Cons: Loud music, unappealing decorum, dirty, slow service, overcrowded, sometimes have to wait in line

Service: Slow, but good selection

Live music: No

Two floors: Yes, basement game room with pool tables

Outside: No

Specials: Yes, beer and mixers

Food: No, despite being called Loft Pizza

Stater Rating (out of five): * * *


211 Franklin Ave.

(330) 673-7822

Pros: Multiple levels, dance floor upstairs

Cons: Cramped inside, difficult to get a drink, limited seating inside, patio too close to the street

Service: Slow, difficult to get noticed

Live music: DJs on certain nights

Two floors: Yes

Outside: Yes, small patio

Specials: Drink and mixer, monthly

Food: No

Stater Rating (out of five): * * *

Venice Caf‚

163 Franklin Ave.

(330) 673-9023

Pros: Usually quiet, spacious, two atmospheres, good date bar, classic decorum

Cons: Poor beer and tap selection

Service: Quick

Live music: No

Two floors: No

Outside: No

Specials: Yes, beer and mixers

Food: Yes, pizza and other items before a certain time

Stater Rating (out of five): * * * *

Water Street Tavern

“Glory Days”

132 S. Water St.

(330) 677-0700

Pros: Clean, nice decorum, good beer selection and specials

Cons: Clientele gets rambunctious, gets crowded quickly

Service: Usually quick, small bar

Live music: Yes, DJs and bands

Two floors: Yes, basement lounge/bar

Outside: No

Specials: Yes, on mixed drinks

Food: No

Stater Rating (out of five): * * *