Letters to the editor

Professor disappointed by recent I.T. layoffs

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read that the Division of Information Services has eliminated six positions, among them that of Greg Seibert, former director of security and compliance. Having had the privilege to work with him on a number of occasions, this news is disheartening.

Competence, hard work, knowledge and low-key, once admirable traits, seem sure-fire ways of getting fired nowadays. I find it especially ironic that the university is focusing on security, yet they fired the person most knowledgeable about it, Seibert.

Murali Shanker

Associate professor

department of management and information systems

You have to fight for your right to potty

Dear Editor,

Some things shouldn’t have to be made into a law. It is unthinkable that an employer would expect employees to work 10 to14 hours straight without a lunch or bathroom break. But the unthinkable does occur.

Yep, that is right. No bathroom break.

You see, under Ohio law the employer is not required to give lunch or restroom breaks unless you are a minor.

Breaks are a luxury. Going to the bathroom is not a right. Eating is not a right.

Depends are not just for incontinent elderly any more.

Please, join me and e-mail or write our Ohio legislators to correct this abomination.

Barbara F. Gregory

Sandusky, OH