Juvenile arrested in KSU robbery

Sasha Parker

A juvenile male broke into the student center bookstore last week, stealing an estimated $100 in merchandise.

A 14-year-old allegedly stole a laptop shoulder bag and a Sandisk MP3 player from the campus bookstore July 4. He used a brick and a trashcan to break the outer-plate glass window of the bookstore, said campus Detective Nancy Shefchuk.

The call came into campus police at 1:24 a.m. When officers arrived at the Student Center, they saw the damage but no one was present, Shefchuk said.

The 14 year old is being charged with juvenile delinquency by reason of breaking and entering.

According to the police report, he was picked up from his home and taken to the Kent State Police Department for booking. After booking, the boy was released to his family until his court date is set.

“After the charges are pressed, (the boy) is expected to pay for the property damage,” said crime prevention Officer Alice Ickes.

Depending on the state of the stolen materials, he may have to return the items to the bookstore.

This is not the first time juvenile vandalism has occurred on campus.

“There are always a few juvenile cases because the campus is so much a part of the greater community,” Ickes said.

Most of the time, juvenile vandalism occurs on holidays when area schools are closed. The younger students are on campus more often during these times and sometimes it leads to criminal act’s, Ickes said.

There are two types of juvenile charges: juvenile delinquency and juvenile unruliness. Juvenile delinquency means the act would have been a crime if it had been committed by an adult. Juvenile unruliness means the act would d not have been a crime if had been committed by an adult.

Campus police estimate the damage to the bookstore is about $300. The burglary is still being investigated.

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