A relationship that will be great on paper

Jackie Mantey

My first experience with the Daily Kent Stater was an enormous bloodshot eye staring me in the face.

This eye was not an intimidation technique in the newsroom, but rather a photo on the front of its entertainment section for a review of the movie The Grudge. The design and art made such an impression on me that of the many Staters I have read, that one really sticks out.

Everyone has a memory like that. The personal connection a reader has with a newspaper is like no other. It becomes a habit, a relationship.

We won’t always make you happy. Some days you may love us. Some days you may hate us. But, hopefully, we can’t get enough of each other.

I want Summer Kent Stater stories, design, photos and columns to be ones you remember and learn from. I want to create a dialogue that pertains to you and answers your questions.

This is your paper just as much as it is ours. We will offer a diversity of stories to interest every member of our audience. Like every sustainable relationship, this balance requires communication. If you think there is a story or idea we are missing, let us know.

Never go to sleep fighting, right?

This page in particular is your voice. Forum editor Brian Thornton and I have tried to recruit columnists who represent all college experiences, but everyone has and should have an opinion. Talk to us. Let us know what you think about an issue – whether in a letter to the editor or guest column.

The fact that we are a weekly is something we will use to our advantage. You can expect objective and in-depth reporting on what is happening in and around Kent State. Our features and entertainment pages will take a look at things to do, listen to or watch.

Always on the computer? Not in Kent to pick up the edition? Be a part of our online community at stateronline.com. The Web site will feature breaking news and weekly podcasts. We want to offer you ways to be more interactive with the Summer Kent Stater.

However you decide to partake in our relationship, I hope we can be a part of the Kent community and a news source for you throughout the summer.

The best part about this summer relationship is that we’ll call when we say we will and remember those dates that mean something to you.

Jackie Mantey is a junior magazine journalism major and editor of the Summer Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].