Learn to deal with change and moving on

Katie Hilbert

The other day, one of my professors told me he was glad I spent my four years of college at Kent State.

I smiled, and in that moment, I realized just how glad I was to have spent my college years here. It was an incredible experience, I told him.

And it was.

I have a hard time with change. So, as the days dwindle, I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve learned during my time here, and I find myself thinking about who I’ve become. I’m certainly not the same young woman who unpacked her belongings in Harbourt Hall on a hot, sunny August day in 2002.

I’ve learned more than just what I was taught in my classes. I’ve learned what it means to really love writing, what it means to take risks. During my time working at the Daily Kent Stater and The Burr, I’ve learned what it means to be a journalist. I’ve also learned what it means to find happiness in friendships that have helped me become the person I am today.

I’ll never forget living in Harbourt Short during my freshman year with Jen C., Janet, Cindy, Jenny and JoJo. They were my first friends in college, and I remember at the end of that year, we cried when we all had to say goodbye for the summer because we couldn’t imagine spending it apart.

Andrew, you’ve been with me every step of the way — from freshman orientation through every semester of my involvement in student media. Thank you for always making me laugh and for reminding me not to always take life so seriously.

Amanda, I remember us as sophomores — idealistic, passionate and ready to conquer the world. Thanks for always believing in me.

Jen, you probably know me better than anyone. You’ve taught me so much about living life and being strong. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

And I can’t forget about those who have already graduated. Leah, your pep talks have always kept me going, no matter how stressed I am. Grace, it was fabulous to find a friend who is as crazy about magazines as I am. And Jeff, I’ve never met anyone I could talk to as easily as I can talk to you.

While I won’t pretend to have any startlingly brilliant wisdom to impart on everyone before I graduate, I will share a few of the things I’ve found to be important these past four years: Find friends who make you laugh, who believe in you and who push you to become a better person. Take risks. Go after what you want. Get involved as much as you possibly can. Make your college years count. And although I haven’t quite mastered this one yet, embrace change. You never know what it will bring.

Katie Hilbert is a senior magazine journalism major who realizes this column is slightly more sentimental than she originally intended, and a guest columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].