Annoyances of a co-ed

Allison Pritchard

As a college student, many things are bound to make you want to jump off the top floor of your residence hall or poke a pencil in your eye. Therefore, I’ve decided to delight you with a few of my favorite pet peeves that I encounter daily.

• People who send an e-mail to the entire class that looks like this:

“Hi guys! I missed class for the past 3 weeks and I was just wondering if I missed anything. If someone could e-mail me the notes, that would be awesome. Thanks!” Notice nowhere does it say what class she is talking about.

• Flyers that claim Rosie’s is open 24 hours, when it really isn’t. They close to clean for a while each night. Liars. I want those bacon cheddar fries.

• Parking Services – I’ve heard rumor that it sold more parking passes than there are spots. Now, I understand that might be a good strategy for Kent State to make a few extra bucks. So let’s try applying it elsewhere: There are 40 desks in Professor Brown’s English class. We’re going to assume that not all the students will show up to class at once, so let’s allow 60 students sign up for a class with 40 desks. Does that make sense? This is not how you treat a customer – especially one who is paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to go to school. Personally, as a junior, I don’t enjoy spending 15 minutes to find a parking spot, and then walking 10 minutes in the snow to get to and from my car.

• The Centennial Court residence halls don’t have real names like the other buildings. All they get is “A,” “B,” “C” et cetera. Creative, huh?

• Any pre-packaged item sold on campus is insanely overpriced, sometimes more than double what you would pay at another store. It makes me want to hit up Marc’s and then set up shop outside the doors to Tri-Towers.

• Some people don’t understand what humor is in a column. Even after they send me multiple page-long crazy e-mails or sometimes even Facebook messages, these people never give up, and keep sending their foolish third-graderesque complaints. Jokes are meant to be funny.

• Kent State’s spring/winter/summer breaks start later than most other colleges in the area. So much for planning that trip with your friends from Bowling Green .

• Professors/parents/students who take college too seriously. Even though college is a time to learn and grow and crap, you still need to be young while you can. You shouldn’t be so stressed that it is affecting your mental health. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Part of growing up includes social and emotional growth, not just overextending oneself on school and extracurriculars.

• The “drunk bus” only runs Thursday and Friday. College students don’t go downtown on Saturdays? Oh, that’s right. Saturday is study night.

• Small Group (which is for freshmen) is extremely far away from any main area on campus. Now, if we want freshmen to feel at home and get involved, of course the best way to do this is to have them reside in Timbuktu. Hey, at least we don’t make them park at the stadium.

Allison Pritchard is a junior television-radio production major and a humor columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].