Florida evangelist to debate evolution

The First Freedom Baptist Church in Brimfield and the Truth and Love Campus Ministry will bring Kent Hovind to the University Auditorium tomorrow.

Hovind will present his Creation Science Evangelism program at 7 p.m., with a question and answer session after the speech.

The Florida-based evangelist says he believes evolution is a lie and program downloads on his Web site (www.drdino.com) compare the theory of evolution to Hitler’s beliefs.

“People say evolution is not a bad philosophy, but at the same time it was Hitler’s religion during the Third Reich in Germany,” a man named Eric said during the opening of the audio download titled “The Dangers of Evolution – part c.”

Joe Eckmeyer, campus adviser for the Truth and Love Campus Ministry, said Hovind was invited to campus in part because of harassment complaints from students in the biology department.

Eckmeyer said there were several Christian students who were “singled out” and “attacked” for having Christian beliefs in their science classes.

The program is free and open to the public.

– Pat Jarrett