Cheap eats and other treats


Credit: Carl Schierhorn

When buying food off campus, instead of paying the extra price of convenience on campus, students can save extra money. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese purchased at Prentice Cafeteria will cost $1.49, while purchasing the value brand at Wal-Mart will only cost

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Eating on a Budget

Some college students may be eligible for food stamps. Students can apply at any Social Security office.

Some of the things needed to apply are: a birth certificate, pay stubs, medical record and records of utility costs. A pre-screening for food stamps can be completed at

– TaLeiza Calloway

Campus clubs and church groups

Campus clubs and church groups often hold dinners for their members and the community.

Initial meetings for student clubs usually have food to draw in new members. The best way to know when events will include dinner is to join the clubs, but resourceful students can check flyers, bulletin boards and the university event calendar for announcements.

Many church groups hold dinners as social events for their members or as fundraisers, where students can often get a home-cooked meal for a small cost. Check for signs and flyers in town advertising these fundraising dinners.

A few meals in the area for members include:

– At 5:30 p.m. on Fridays, the Jewish Community of Kent holds its service with dinner following at 6 p.m.

– Once a month before a Sunday evening service, the Grace Baptist Church holds a potluck dinner. Individuals must bring a dish to share.

– At 6 p.m. on Sundays, students can go to the Kent Presbyterian Church for dinner.

– Rachel Abbey

One buck, one sandwich

If another lunchtime of peanut butter and jelly sounds a little stale, here are some sandwich options from Kent fast food restaurants that won’t clean out the piggy bank.

For $1, McDonald’s has double cheeseburgers, Wendy’s has junior bacon and junior cheese deluxe burgers and Burger King has Whopper Juniors.

For the chicken sandwich fan, the only option at area fast food restaurants is the $1 McChicken at McDonald’s.

– Amanda Garrett

Grocery store finds

When you buy groceries on campus, you pay for convenience. But bypass on-campus stores for a quick trip to a nearby supermarket, and you can find significant savings.

A spot comparison shows that prices at Giant Eagle on state Route 43 are 25 to 50 percent less than Prentice Hall Munchies. A box of Lucky Charms is $1.60 cheaper at the supermarket, a 35 percent savings, while a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese is $1.80 cheaper – a savings of almost half.

Substituting a homemade meal for the prepared foods in the Student Center can also help keep money in your bank account.

An Einstein Bros sandwich costs $5.29, but you can purchase ingredients for four sandwiches at Giant Eagle for just $11.23. That includes four bagels, a pound of turkey, a head of lettuce and four tomatoes.

– Brian Thornton