Director discusses process

Ryan Haidet

The independent film, Lucky Number Slevin, directed by Scotland-born Paul McGuigan, breaks into theaters tomorrow.

Just minutes following an advance screening of the film on the chilly night of March 13, McGuigan popped into the theater for a short Q-and-A with excited fans and press.

The soft-spoken, witty director who said he never attended film school entered the lightened theater to applause, cheering and smiling faces.

Having just come in from the rain he was wearing a large, unbuttoned trench coat and a beret.

The first question he entertained was what the most difficult thing about making the movie was.

“Probably making it all work,” McGuigan said. “From casting to design to wallpaper.”

This is where he went on to describe why the wallpaper used in the film had such standout qualities.

“I love wallpaper,” he said. “When people get a bit of cash they get rid of color. So, I like wallpaper. You should see my house.”

Another question came up about the all-star cast he directed such as Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu.

“You either pay for them or you have a good script,” he said. “We had no money.”

It is because of this that he said Willis and Freeman weren’t making much money to star in this film. He said they came to work because of the script.

He became involved with the project when the script was sent to him. He really liked it and wanted to bring it to the big screen.

The script was brought to life in Montreal.

“It’s my favorite place in the world apart from my own place,” he said. “I’ve shot two movies there.”

Although this five-star feature is being released tomorrow in America, the movie has been exciting audiences overseas.

“It’s done well in the UK,” he said.

He directed his first feature film in 1998, according to Internet Movie Database.

Some of his other feature films include Wicker Park, which also starred Hartnett, Gangster No. 1 and The Acid House.

“I’ve directed five movies,” he said. “This is the first one I think people will really like.”

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