State senator talks higher education to Republicans

Breanne George

Kevin Coughlin, incumbent senator for the Ohio State Senate District 27, spoke at yesterday’s College Republicans meeting about his campaign, affordable higher education and the Republican Party.

Coughlin said he believes affordable higher education is vital to bring and keep people in Ohio and revive the economy. He said if more people go to school in Ohio, they are more likely to stay here and obtain work.

A couple of years ago, he said he worked to introduce the largest financial aid scholarship proposal in the history of Ohio. The bill, which didn’t pass, would have given $100,000 scholarships each year, with each student receiving a little over $6,000 for four years of college.

“We are trying to work to keep the best and brightest here,” he said. “Putting money in the hands of students is the best way.”

He said some people are attempting to put a proposal similar to it on the ballot this fall, and he continues to push the scholarship proposal to put higher education in the reach of more Ohioans.

He said the Republican Party faces a difficult year because of a highly charged political atmosphere due to the Iraq War and President Bush’s low approval rating.

He discussed the positives for the Republican Party, including a lot of talented state and national officials and hardworking grassroots organizations to help get out the vote. He said the Republican Party also has a huge fundraising advantage because they are a majority.

“Ohio has consistently over the last several years been shifting to the right,” he said. “One of the reasons George Bush won is because Ohio is a Republican state now.”

Coughlin, who lives in Falls, is running unopposed in the Republican primary election. He has one more term left to run for in the Ohio Senate.

He has a long history in the political arena in the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate.

As a senator, he chairs the health committee and also is involved in higher education tuition issues.

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