Ravenna English Pub Bistro may serve liquor on Sundays

Miki Julian has only one plan if his restaurant, Ravenna English Pub Bistro, is voted May 2 to have a license to sell liquor on


“It’s nice to think you could get a glass of wine on Sunday with your spaghetti dinner,” Julian said.

Aside from having the option to serve a variety of alcohol on Sundays, Julian said he is otherwise not overly concerned with obtaining a Sunday liquor license and will not apply for one again if it doesn’t pass.

“Is it worth that extra $600 a year?” he asked aloud. “Probably not. But, we’re more into the food aspect of our restaurant. We don’t cater to the 18 or 21-year-olds; we have older clientele.”

Lois Enlow, director of the Portage County Board of Elections, said several liquor-related issues have passed on recent ballots. Voting for the English Pub Bistro will only involve residents of Precinct B in Ravenna’s Ward 4. The license would only affect that specific location and no other restaurants in Ward 4, she added.

– Andrew Hampp