Screwy Louie’s still open despite false Facebook announcement

An announcement posted on last week said Screwy Louie’s would be closed for a week starting last Thursday “due to recent events.” A manager, who wished to remain nameless, said his establishment never closed, nor did anyone from Screwy Louie’s purchase or authorize the Facebook message.

Announcements for Kent State’s Facebook site can be purchased for $16, according to the Web site. Brynn Forte, a spokesperson for, said the ads are available not only for advertisers to purchase but for college students who are members of Facebook.

She could not confirm whether the person who purchased the announcement was a student or an advertiser.

Mark Anderson, executive director of the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, said the commission had no record of any recent charges that would cause Screwy Louie’s to close for a week.

Anderson added that it is very rare for the OLCC to close down nightclubs or bars for a seven-day period. They normally shut down businesses for 30 days as a result of an underage drinking violation, he said.

“The only way we close down for a week is if there’s a violation for Ohio liquor laws,” he said.

– Andrew Hampp