High school sweethearts stay committed

Nedda Pourahmady

True love can be hard to find. Nevertheless, some high school sweethearts are fortunate enough to meet their soul mates at a young age.

Most high school romances are not durable, said Rhonda Richardson, an associate professor of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“There is a lack of maturity in young relationships,” she said. “This includes lack of maturity on the part of both individuals, lack of economic maturity, lack of relationship maturity and lack of value maturity.”

However, there is a chance high school relationships can last.

“To keep or maintain a young relationship, both partners must be willing and able to work on all of these aspects of maturity,” Richardson said. “It requires allowing space and time for both partners to grow into adulthood as individuals and as a couple.”

Sophomore education major Courtney Busdeker said she and her fianc‚, freshman nursing major Alex Reiner, have been together for five years.

Busdeker said the two lived down the street from each other their whole lives.

“I always had a crush on her,” Reiner said.

Busdeker said she was also fond of Reiner.

“I always liked him, but I was waiting for him to ask me out,” Busdeker said.

Busdeker said she likes that Reiner is intelligent, brave and strong-willed. She also said he goes after anything he sets his mind to.

Busdeker added that Reiner is kind-hearted and helpful toward others.

“He’s a big sweetheart,” Busdeker said. “He’d do anything for anyone.”

Reiner said Busdeker is very caring, supportive and strong.

Reiner also said Busdeker is very independent and is a leader rather than a follower.

“She follows the beat of her own drum,” Reiner said.

Although Busdeker said she had to get to know him first, Reiner said he instantly fell for Busdeker.

“When I first saw her, I just thought she was perfect,” Reiner said.

During high school, Busdeker said she was in band while Reiner played football.

The two also participated in drama club, Busdeker said.

Now that they’re in college, the couple said they both are involved in Greek life. Busdeker said she is a member of Delta Zeta and Reiner belongs to Delta Chi.

The couple said this Greek system helps them to have mutual friends.

Even though Reiner just got back from Iraq, Busdeker said his time away strengthened their relationship.

“Being apart has really shown how much we care about each other,” she said.

Reiner said the relationship has held together because of the way he feels about Busdeker.

“She’s not only the one I love, but she’s my best friend,” Reiner said.

When it comes to solving their problems, Busdeker said it’s important to respect each other and never to end the night with an unresolved issue.

Reiner said they must be open and honest with one another and not sugarcoat anything.

Busdeker said the two keep each other in check.

“If he pisses me off, I let him know, and if I piss him off, he lets me know,” Busdeker said.

In the future, the couple said they see themselves getting married and both having the jobs they are now pursuing.

“We want to form new goals to achieve in life together,” Busdeker said.

Emily Alderson, junior middle childhood education major, said she has been with her fianc‚, senior history major Dan Russell at Mount Union College, for a little more than four years.

Russell said he was initially attracted to Alderson by her beauty, but became more interested by her down-to-earth personality.

Similarly, Alderson was first drawn to Russell by his smile but grew more interested in him because of his personality.

“His sense of humor and easy-going attitude kept me coming back for more,” Alderson said.

Russell said he admires how Alderson has her life prioritized.

Alderson said Russell works very hard to accomplish his goals.

“He never shows his stress (from school) and is always able to take away mine,” Alderson said.

Russell said they were friends for two years before they began to date.

“When I first saw her, I knew that she would be somebody I could fall in love with,” Russell said.

Alderson, on the other hand, said she didn’t know it was love until they were together.

Alderson said their relationship has lasted so long because they don’t take things too seriously.

“We always remember to laugh,” Alderson said. “We don’t take everything to heart, because sometimes it is just not that big in the scheme of things.”

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