KIC challenge builds leadership

Bethy DeLong

Students from Upper Plaza devour crackers during the food challenge at the Real Campus Challenge 2 in Eastway Lounge last night. The competition also included a physical challenge and two mental challenges. MEGHAN GAURILOFF | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Eating crackers and walking blindfolded may not be an ideal Thursday night, but members of Kent Interhall Council and some residence hall students weren’t complaining.

“This event was a good program and great fun for everyone,” said Julie Jones, assistant hall director in Allyn/Clark Hall.

KIC sponsored the Real Campus Challenge 2 last night in the Eastway Lounge. Students from different residence halls competed against each other in different teambuilding challenges.

“The challenges are designed to build teamwork and leadership,” said Katie Bromley, director of programming for KIC.

Blind building, tarp flip and mind field were a few of the challenges performed.

“This event gives residents a chance to participate in something,” Bromley said.

As the students ate crackers and built crazy models through different activities, they worked together to complete every challenge. They cheered and helped one another, building something Jones said would last even after the event was over.

“This event promotes communication and teaches the students to build better teamwork,” Jones said.

Some students found some challenges more fun than others.

“I thought the blind building was the most fun event,” said Sarah Lenox, freshman nursing major. “I liked all of the teamwork we used. We had to trust our captain and his instinct.”

Other events seemed to be more difficult.

“Eating a sleeve of saltine crackers was definitely a challenge,” Jones said. “It was great fun though.”

The event also gave residents the chance to meet other students and their leaders from KIC.

“I think this event helps connect regular students to KIC and other activities they are not usually exposed to,” said Jeremy McFadden, sophomore psychology major.

Allyn/Clark was the winner of the Residence Hall Challenge 2 this year. The winner received HOTS points, which are hall-of-the-semester points. HOTS points are added up at the end of the semester, and one hall is named the winner.

“I hope the challenge gives students a chance to have fun,” Bromley said. “It will help everyone take away leadership skills as well as a good time.”

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