You’re just not impressing anyone, stop the insults

Erica Weisburn

In the midst of Women’s History Month I thought it would be appropriate to discuss feminist attitudes and women’s empowerment. That was, however, until a recent event aggravated me. The most unflattering human quality, usually expressed by females, has some come to my attention, and I feel it must be dealt with accordingly.

Every day, girls, not women, remind me of why some men didn’t and still don’t take women seriously. Too often women tear each other down for the primary purpose of impressing men. They truly believe if they fill a man’s head with gossip and nonsense about the female he is seeing, he will lose interest.

You know who you are. You’re the type to insult every woman in the room just to make yourself look better. Her hair is the wrong color, she’s too fat and she doesn’t know him like you do. Do you really have such a low sense of worth that the only way you can feel good about yourself is to make others feel worthless? That’s sad.

Well, honey, your plan isn’t working. I’ve discovered that the men worth fighting for are intelligent enough to make their own opinions. Telling him that “she’s not good enough for you” or “she’s a terrible writer” is not going to send him running into your arms. Most men view women who are manipulative to be childish and ugly.

Sure, maybe your tactics worked on the last frat boy you stole from an unsuspecting freshman, but real men don’t want to hear your opinion.

I’m not innocent. I have taken part in this type of childish activity before. But, unlike other women, I didn’t get a high from it. One act of poor judgment sent me into a slump of self-hatred. The “I won” feeling I had expected was nowhere to be found.

Throughout history, women have fought for the right to vote, go to college, hold office positions, travel into space and become CEO’s of companies. Even after women like Maya Angelou, Susan B. Anthony and Mother Teresa overcame years of adversity so other women could benefit, we continue to put their names to shame. If we continue to disgrace ourselves, we will never completely gain respect from men.

It all boils down to self-respect. Women continue to be torn down by society’s standards to the point of no return. World wide, women are starving themselves, wearing mini-skirts and getting breast enlargements to satisfy men and society in general. Most everyone feels inadequate at times, but how you overcome it verifies your character.

If women continue to insult other women who already feel worthless to some degree the evil cycle persists. Together we can triumph over hardship.

Fellow women, take this month to remember and celebrate the women who sacrificed and fought discrimination for you. Embrace your flaws, and ignore others’. Compliment the next woman you pass on your way to class. It will probably mean more to her than you think.

Erica Weisburn is a junior newspaper journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].