Workshop helps students better understand elderly

Abi Luempert

Nearly every Saturday, the students and adult participants of the Adult Development and Well-Being Workshop gather to exercise, socialize and learn about important aspects of health.

The adults and students began their last session with a marshmallow toss led by Laura Yarrington, graduate student in exercise, leisure and sport with a concentration in therapeutic recreation. Yarrington leads the warm-up activity and exercise portion of the workshop.

Afterward, Yarrington turned on some music and began the P.A.C.E. routine.

P.A.C.E. stands for “people with arthritis can exercise.” The routine begins with everyone sitting on his or her chair and rocking his or her head back and forth.

Once the exercise portion ends, the class goes into another room in Nixson for social time. Students in the class take turns doing projects during social time, which usually involves lunch and a social activity.

Hannah Comer, sophomore gerontology major, and Julie Diatchenko, sophomore child life specialist major, paired up for their project and had the class make their own pizzas while watching a black-and-white episode of “I Love Lucy.”

Kraynak said the workshop encourages successful aging, engagement with life and cognitive vitality. In addition to the learning aspect, there may be other reasons adults participate in the workshop.

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