Faculty Senate elections end

Derek Lenehan

The Faculty Senate election process ended, securing 13 senator positions for the next three years.

Winners were spread out through seven categories:

– Dave Dalton, Phil Rumrill, and Natasha Levinson were all elected to represent the College of Education, Health and Human Services.

– From the College of Fine and Professional Arts, Tom Janson and Nancy Stanforth were elected to the senate.

– Cheryl Casper, professor of economics, was elected as a senator at large.

– Barb Hipsman was elected from the College of Communication and Information.

– Ann Abraham was elected to represent the Ashtabula regional campus.

– Robin Lashley was elected to represent the Tuscarawas regional campus.

– Tracy Laux, Christine McVay, Betty Freund and John Stoker were all elected to non-tenure track senate seats.

Casper said the primary concern of the next term, for the immediate future, is the selection of a new university president.

“I think that needs to be a priority for all senators,” she said.

Tom Dowd, chairman of the senate, said not all the senators were already sitting on Faculty Senate.

“Some were elected, some were re-elected,” he said.

Dowd was optimistic about the results of the election.

“The people who got elected are excellent people, and I look forward to working with all of them,” he said. “They’re good people.”

The elections, which do not encompass all senate seats at once, are intentionally spread out over different terms, Dowd said.

“We don’t elect people all in one clump,” he said.

Dowd said the segmentation of the elections is to keep from having an entirely new senate each year.

The senate is still facing the search for the next president, a debate on a proposed major program and other pending issues before the year ends.

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