History Channel filming May 4 documentary around campus

Derek Lenehan

The History Channel will be airing a documentary about the May 4 shootings, as the first episode of a series focusing on key events of the baby boomer generation.

The crew will be on campus throughout the week, filming and interviewing in various locations.

John Mounier, director, producer and cameraman for the series, said May 4 was selected as the first event because of its significance.

“I mean, what a truly defining moment,” he said.

It is hosted by Steve Gillon, professor at the University of Oklahoma and author of Boomer Nation: The Largest and Richest Generation Ever, and How It Changed America.

Gillon, Mounier and the filming crew visited a class taught by Carole Barbato, associate professor of communication studies, that focuses on May 4. With cameras rolling, Gillon entered the classroom during discussion, joined in and eventually asked students questions.

“They contacted someone in the University News Service, who contacted us, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since,” Barbato said.

Gillon expressed curiosity as to why the current generation is not as active as the previous one.

“This is not for the show, this is my own thought,” he said to the class. “I’m struck by the similarities between the war on communism and the war on terror. What’s the difference between 1970 and 2006?”

No run date has been specified yet, though members of the crew said it’s guaranteed to be shown. Mounier said the episode will air “hopefully in a two-month window.”

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