Aeronautics gets first scholarship

Holly Mueller

Program receives $25,000 from alumnus

The Aeronautics Division of the College of Technology has received its first endowed scholarship for $25,000 from a Kent alumnus.

“This is a very important first step to support flight training for the students,” said Isaac Richmond Nettey, senior academic program director of aeronautics.

Nettey said the scholarship was given by Capt. Allen Maurer and his wife Terri, both Kent State alumni.

Maurer, 1973 aeronautics graduate, said he wants to encourage more alumni to donate.

“I want to be a connection as an alumnus to fellow alumni to put some more endowments together,” Maurer said. “I’d like to see graduates from every era donate. I’m the one from the ’70s.”

Maurer said he and his wife Terri, 1978 interior design alumnus, will pay for the endowment over the next five years.

Maurer also said the company he works for, Parker Hannifin Corporation in Cleveland, sponsored a significant portion of the cost.

“I’m going to give some (money), and Parker’s going to match what they can,” Maurer said.

Nettey said students who win the scholarship will receive the interest from the endowment each year.

“For example, if the interest was 10 percent, the student would receive $2,500 for that year,” he said.

The scholarship is endowed, so it means that it is there forever, Nettey said.

Nettey added that this endowment is a “very important first step to support the flight training for the students.”

Flight students pay, on average, $5,000 more tuition each year than the regular student, Nettey said, in order to cover flight training costs.

Maurer has also helped to sponsor other things for Kent State.

“He was instrumental in getting the Student Center built at the Trumbull campus,” said Chris Hall, director of development for the College of Technology and Nursing.

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