Speaker asks ‘Can I kiss you?’

Emily Nordquist

It was not difficult for Mike Domitrz to keep anyone’s attention when he asked “Can I kiss you?” to a room full of college students last night.

The author and professional speaker presented an interactive program to discuss the importance of communication in dating last night in the Kiva.

Domitrz had the attention of Sarah Tausch, senior business management major, and Danielle Keckley, sophomore sports management major, before he even began speaking.

They heard about Domitrz through their sorority and thought it would be a fun opportunity to discuss healthy ways of dating.

“It is always good to have more of an understanding of what is good or bad, what is acceptable and what is not,” Tausch said.

Before Domitrz even began speaking on his topics, he was calling for a student volunteer to help with some light-hearted role playing.

Domitrz kept the crowd engaged by asking for student responses while discussing topics like sending signals, body language and the first kiss on a date.

After breaking the ice with student role play and his comedic nature, the mood became serious while he told the story of his older sister’s rape. Her sexual assault was the reason Domitrz begin speaking to students about healthy dating in an attempt to prevent it from happening to others.

“I didn’t expect him to start talking about rape,” said Tiffany Knox, senior early childhood education major.

Domitrz ended by asking students to take steps to be more responsible for themselves and their friends when dating.

“I thought it was very powerful,” said Gina Tobias, senior marketing major. “One minute he had everyone laughing and cracking up, and then he had people almost crying.”

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