XF forum fails to draw a crowd

The Student Advisory Council hosted an open forum last night to discuss the Dishonesty Failure Grade, or the XF grade.

No one came.

“There was not enough time to adequately contact anyone,” said E. Timothy Moore, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and adviser of the Student Advisory Council about the attendance.

The proposed XF grade would be an alternative grade assessment for students who act dishonestly in their coursework.

“This grade would become a deterrent rather than a penalty,” Moore said. “Repeat offenders would get busted with this grade.”

Danielle Tomcho, Student Advisory Council president and senior philosophy major, said she was disappointed no one showed up to the forum because she doesn’t think students know enough about cheating, plagiarizing or the proposed grade.

Students aren’t aware how specific the university’s cheating and plagiarism policy is, she said, and students have been surprised when she has talked to them in person.

“People are interested when we talk one on one,” she said. “But then no one takes the polls or comes to the forums.”

The apathy from the students is something the Student Advisory Council will work to change.

“We’re trying to spread awareness,” Tomcho said. “It’s just that students don’t take it seriously.”

– Heather Bing