Research and Graduate Studies seeks to follow Taft’s Third Frontier project

Michele Roehrig

Research and Graduate Studies is seeking to respond to the challenges of the Third Frontier initiative while maintaining its priority to undergraduate students and committing to a liberal education.

John West, vice president of research and dean of Graduate Studies, led the Research and Graduate Studies’ Strategic Priorities presentation yesterday in the Moulton Hall ballroom.

The Third Frontier project, unveiled by Governor Taft in February 2002, is Ohio’s largest-ever project committed to expanding high-tech research capabilities. The project also promotes innovation and company formation that will create high-paying jobs, according to the project’s Web site, Through the Third Frontier project, additional federal and private sector support can boost the total investment to more than $6 billion.

The project demands that universities improve their relationship with commercial industries. It also encourages universities to reward faculty that engage in commercial and entrepreneurial activities.

West also said that the amount of money awarded to graduate students has decreased for the first time in over eight years. He said external funds are the key to reversing this.

“We got to keep a real close eye on going out and getting money,” West said. “I know it sounds a little crass … but we’ve got to figure out how to do it with the resources we have.”

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