Undergraduate sought for trustee position

Rachel Abbey

Applications for the position of undergraduate student trustee are now being accepted. Student trustees represent the student body as a member of the Board of Trustees, the major governing body of the university.

“It’s the undergraduate voice at the table where university decisions are made,” said Kimberly Thompson, public relations major and current undergraduate student trustee. “The person doesn’t get a vote, but they do get a voice.”

Student trustees, one undergraduate and one graduate, serve alternating two-year terms. This year, the board is looking for an undergraduate student.

Board members treat student trustees as full members of the board, even if they can’t vote, Thompson said.

“They ask us questions, and they intently listen to what we say,” she said.

Student trustees attend meetings, participate in board activities and represent Kent State at events, such as commencements and games, she said. They also keep the board up to date on issues at the university because they’re usually around students and on campus more often than the other trustees.

Applications are due to the office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs by March 10, said Greg Jarvie, dean of students and student ombuds. The office is located in room 250 in the Student Center. Students can pick up an application in the office or download one from Kent State’s Web site by following the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs link under the administration tab.

Faculty members can nominate students by submitting a letter to Enrollment Management and Student Affairs by Feb. 24, Thompson said.

Along with the application, students must submit a resume, a university transcript and three letters of recommendation.

A committee of student leaders, led by Thompson, will look through the applications and hold interviews, Jarvie said.

The committee will start picking students to interview the week after applications are due, Thompson said. Nominations are due to Gov. Bob Taft, who appoints trustees, by the third week of April.

Individuals must be a resident of Ohio, a registered voter, a full-time student and maintain a 2.5 grade point average, according to official qualifications. The trustee must also be able to fulfill the term, from whenever he or she is appointed until May 16, 2008, Thompson said.

Last year, the committee looked for students who were very involved with other students and who could clearly communicate ideas, Thompson said.

This trustee will be the first undergraduate to work with the next president, Thompson said. The vision of the university is usually reexamined during a shift in power, and the new student trustee will have the chance to be a part of these discussions.

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