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‘Grey’s Anatomy’

I’m a Greyhound!

ABC, 10 p.m. Sundays

Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to avoid watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Several people have told me how addicting the show is, and I honestly can only devote so many hours of my life to television before I can no longer fool myself that I have a life.

So when I watched the post-Superbowl episode, I cursed when I realized I had become a Greyhound as well, so much so I spent more than a minute coming up with a trendy name for “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers, which you can read above.

I have no idea how plausible it is that you can fire a bazooka into a person and still have him live, or how plausible it is for the shell not explode so long as Christina Ricci’s fingers touch it, or how plausible it is Christina Ricci is still getting work after her performances in Monster and Cursed, but I don’t care!

One sure sign of good writing is after a single episode you are familiar with all the characters, their relationships and motivations and don’t feel like it was all forced down your throat.

I also haven’t felt this kind of tension in a dramatic hour since last season’s “Veronica Mars” finale. I subconsciously knew none of the regulars were going to die, but the final moments were still terrifying, as Ricci lost it and Meredith made her fateful decision.

So crap, I now have to drop a television show so I can still be in denial about my social life. Well, I only watch “One Tree Hill” to mock it .


Pushing The Deadline

Fox, 9 p.m. Mondays

The season is already over a quarter over, and it’s beginning to look a little ragged. We have had little motion on (presumably) the main through line of the season (that darn nerve gas) and instead we are presented with random subplot after random subplot.

Who really cares Rudy-in-a-suit . pardon me . Lynn has a druggie sister who has her pimp daddy beat him up for cash? It smells an awful lot like Erin’s suicidal daughter from last season.

Whenever Audrey comes on screen and begins to talk to Jack about . well I’m not sure what it is about because I either drift off to sleep or go get some Sun Chips. And last week’s episode had several of those scenes.

When was the last time Curtis did anything or had a line other than “affirmative?” I forgot he was even on the show until Jack ordered him to torture the pedophile.

I still love Chloe and Edgar, and I still love President Logan and his loopy wife, but I just want the main story arc to kick in before I get too bored. Kim’s upcoming return to the series doesn’t bode well for my drowsiness either.

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