Priority deadline for FAFSA on March 1

Aman Ali

The fall semester priority deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is Wednesday. The financial aid office encouraged all students to file or renew their FAFSA application before this date.

“This deadline relates to programs for limited funding,” said Sylvia Bustard, assistant director for student financial aid. “If you wait, you’re reducing chances to get that money.”

Bustard explained the priority deadline relates to campus-based aid programs funded by the federal government. These programs include the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work Study and the Supplemental Opportunity Grant.

“Everyone should file their FAFSA,” Bustard said. “We want students to leave this semester with the piece of mind that they have everything in place before they get their fall semester bill.”

Even if students haven’t yet filed their tax returns this year, Bustard encouraged students to still fill out the FAFSA.

“Just use estimated figures,” Bustard said. “Once you file your taxes, you can always go back to the FAFSA site later on to make any needed corrections.”

She added students can estimate their yearly income from paycheck stubs or from figures on their last year’s tax return.

Financial aid representatives are available for consultation should students have any questions on filing.

“We want to empower students,” said Constance Dubick, associate director for student financial aid. “We know financial aid is their concern and are always available for help.”

The priority deadline for the summer semester is March 15. Bustard said the process for summer financial aid is slightly different than the spring and fall semesters. In additional to filing the FAFSA, students have to fill out a summer aid request at the student financial aid Web site,

Students can file or renew their FAFSA at The university will begin processing applications for the fall Wednesday.

Award letters should be distributed by mid-April.

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