Visiting artist to play Korean music tomorrow night

Students will have an opportunity to hear non-traditional music tomorrow night. The Hugh A. Glauser School of Music and the Center for the Study of World Musics will present a concert of Korean music at 8 p.m. in the Carl F. W. Ludwig Recital Hall.

The concert, which is free and open to everyone, will feature guest artist Heesun Kim on the kayagum, an indigenous musical instrument of Korea. The kayagum is a 12-stringed long board instrument with movable bridges.

“The center is pleased to have this opportunity to present (her) here,” said Kazadi wa Mukuna, professor of ethnomusicology. “It’s a rare opportunity for people to learn about Korean music.”

The visiting artist will play four kayagum pieces, including a traditional instrumental solo.

The center has presented musicians from many other countries in the past, including Turkey and Persia. It offers these concerts as often as once a semester to cover as many musical cultures as possible. The center hopes to present more of these concerts in the future depending on the center’s limited budget and which musicians are available, Mukuna said.

Kim’s work is featured on three CDs, two of which were produced by the Korean Broadcasting System. Kim has performed with the Korean Broadcasting System Orchestra and the University of Pittsburgh’s University Chamber Orchestra.

— Meredith Compton