‘Final Destination 3’ delivers a thrilling ride

Ryan Haidet

Ryan Merriman stars as Kevin and Kris Lemche stars as Ian McKinley in new Line Cinema’s fright-filled upcoming Final Destination 3. PHOTO COURTESY OF NEW LINE CINEMA

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

The first time it was a plane exploding. The second time it was a massive car crash. This time it’s a roller coaster ride to the grave, as Final Destination 3 whips into theaters tomorrow.

Ryan Merriman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in this latest edition of the series and aren’t strangers either, as they both starred in The Ring Two together.

It begins with the seniors of McKinley High School celebrating their upcoming graduation by partying at a small carnival. This is one of those parks I wouldn’t dare get on any ride because the ride operators show no concern for riders – but these foolish characters do.

Wendy (Winstead), from the school’s yearbook staff, is snapping little moments of life with her digital camera when her friends coax her to ride the looping roller coaster.

Final Destination 3

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman.

Directed by James Wong

Distributed by New Line Cinema

Rated R for strong horror violence/gore, language and some nudity.

Stater rating (out of five): ***

Wendy, along with her friends and classmates, boards The Devil’s Flight while struggling with her fear of the ride. By coincidence, (and there’s lots of them in this movie) Wendy and her friend Kevin (Merriman) sit in the last two seats of the ride.

As the restraints come down she has a premonition of the ride crashing and everyone dying in a gruesome way. She gets off, and a fight ensues bringing several others off the ride as well. Moments later, the others who stayed on the ride die when The Devil’s Flight crashes and burns, fulfilling Wendy’s prophecy.

As in the other Final Destination films, death (described as a force) is after those who got off the ride and begins finishing them off in the order they would have died on the roller coaster.

Trying to prevent the others’ deaths, Wendy notices that the pictures she took at the carnival give clues to how each person will die. She tries to convince others they are the next to perish but many don’t believe her warnings until it’s too late. The characters soon learn there is no way to escape death.

It seemed this would be the same movie as the first two simply told in a different way – but this one holds its ground.

This movie was enjoyable because it delivered suspense, twists, jump scares, bloody death scenes and witty one-liners.

One of the most disgusting death sequences occurs with a fan.

Ironically, a ride on any roller coaster would explain this movie. There’s suspense as there is when climbing the first hill. Then, it goes up and down and takes twists and turns with every death. When it’s over, exhilaration overcomes the body leaving a horror fan drooling for more. This film is the Millennium Force of the series.

The only real disappointing thing is the ending will leave viewers bewildered.

So, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times and enjoy the twists, turns and screams that Final Destination 3 delivers – just hope it’s not your last!

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