Show some love all year ’round

Amanda Stanley

Love is in the air today.

Or so I’m told.

Today is Valentine’s Day and Kent State is overflowing with love.

Some people look forward to Valentine’s Day starting the day after Christmas. Others avoid and dread this holiday all year long.

Many couples will spend the evening going out to a nice dinner, exchanging homemade presents and telling each other how much they love one another. But if you’re really in love, shouldn’t that kind of stuff happen no matter what holiday it is?

Couples will also agonize over the exhaustive process of finding the perfect gift. Roses, chocolate and custom CD mixes tend to be the most popular items. However, just the other day I saw a commercial where you can order a live lobster and have it delivered to someone’s house. The commercial said it would make a great gift for any loved one. I guess nothing says love like killing your own dinner, right?

Another great gift might be the Facebook shout-out message. For just $5, you can post an advertisement on Facebook for everyone to know just how deeply in love you really are. Maybe gushing about your boyfriend or girlfriend in your Facebook profile just is not enough for you. As if Facebook wasn’t creepy enough.

I’m sure many couples are deciding which fancy restaurant to eat at this evening. Let me save you from having to go through all of that trouble. The popular fast food chain, White Castle is offering a fabulous dinner at a low price. According to White Castle’s Web site, if you take your date to White Castle between 5 and 8 p.m. today, you can enjoy hostess seating, candlelit dining and your very own server. However, like any upscale, popular, fine-dining establishment, reservations are required.

Singles on the other hand will spend the day in either one of two ways. Some will spend the day being bitter listening to sad emo music telling everyone how overrated love is and then drown their sorrows in excessive drinking. Other singles will embrace their freedom, realize all they need is a few good friends and a couple of strong cocktails and celebrate in excessive drinking.

But I think Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about just having one special person to gush over. Sure it’s nice to have someone to share the day with, but why share it with just one person? This year, I have too many Valentines to count. My friends are my Valentines each and every day. They give me so much more than flowers and candy. They give me fun, laughter, comfort and friendship. My family is my Valentine each and every day. The love of a boyfriend or girlfriend may not always last forever, but family love does.

I suggest telling those you care about that you love them, but don’t just tell them today; tell them tomorrow, too. Love shouldn’t be a one-day-a-year thing.

Maybe today should just be an excuse to eat more chocolate.

Amanda Stanley is a junior magazine major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]