Executive director wants to increase student involvement

Breanne George

Spring elections are quickly approaching, and the Undergraduate Student Senate wants to get more students interested in running for office.

Executive Director Bill Ross said a goal this semester is to educate students on USS. A newsletter will be inserted into the Daily Kent Stater in the coming weeks. It will serve as an advertisement to get more students involved in the election process.

“This is extremely important because students need to know what we are doing for them,” Ross said. “The Stater is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to get this information out to students.”

Ross Miltner, senator for community affairs, also wants to get students involved in Kent city politics. He is currently videotaping Kent City Council meetings, which are aired on TV-2 from 1 to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday.

“The topics in these meetings relate to students and specific groups of students,” Miltner said. “Students often voice concerns on issues such as party houses and noise ordinances.”

Miltner said TV-2 gives students the convenience of watching the meetings from the comfort of their residence hall.

Miltner said he plans on getting the city manager or mayor of Kent to come to one of the USS meetings at the end of March or early April.

“We hope to have a forum on city issues so students can come and ask questions,” he said.

The forum would be a half-hour before or after the USS meetings and would be welcome to all students.

Karli Chaboudy, senator for academic affairs, would like to get students interested in politics by bringing senators John McCain and Mike DeWine to campus. Chaboudy said the senators’ appearances are still in the planning stages.

Another issue of concern to Miltner is to get more local businesses to accept the FlashCard.

“Pretty much the only options students have is pizza places and fast food,” he said. “Now more businesses such as tanning and nail salons accept them.”

Miltner plans on creating pamphlets to send to local businesses to show them the benefits of accepting FlashCards.

“They have to buy or lease the FlashCard machines and pay a percentage for every transaction,” he said. “But they will make more money in the long run with the business of Kent State students who are dependent on their FlashCard.”

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