College proposes lower GPA

Abi Luempert

Faculty Senate will vote Monday on the Undergraduate Policies Task Force’s proposal to lower the GPA requirement for admission to the College of Education, Health and Human Services from 2.75 to 2.5.

Alexa Sandmann, associate professor of literacy and member of the task force, said “a 2.5 means more students have a chance to enter the college and may find the niche that they are truly going to excel in.”

Joanne Arhar, associate dean of the college, said the policy was passed Jan. 30 at the task force meeting. If the policy is passed by Faculty Senate, Arhar said it will take effect in the fall of 2007.

“The reason (for the proposed change) is because in the merger, other programs that joined had the 2.5 policy in effect already,” Sandmann said.

Adopting one GPA for general admission to the college is “much more inclusive,” she said.

A student with a 2.5 can apply for admission to the college but not necessarily to certain programs, Sandmann said.

The lowering of the required GPA would also include the creation of “EHHS General,” which represents general admission to the college but not to a specific major.

The “EHHS General” status will allow the college to track a student’s progress and help him or her raise their GPA. Currently, students who are not eligible for admission to the college are part of “Fine and Professional Arts General.”

The proposed GPA change and “EHHS General” will help students with career choices. Students will also take the course “Careers in Education, Health and Human Services,” Arhar said.

“We are creating a way to stay in the college even if you can’t meet the GPA requirement right away,” Arhar said. “This will give the students specialized attention and a chance to meet faculty and feel more connected.”

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